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Friday, August 26, 2022

AI Voice Jammer

Another security angle.

 Voice Jammer Stops Anyone from Recording Your Speech

New Scientist, Matthew Sparkes, July 29, 2022

Michigan State University's Qiben Yan and colleagues have developed an artificial intelligence voice jammer that can prevent anyone from recording the speech of a single target person. The Neural Enhanced Cancellation (NEC) tool exploits a bug contained within most microphones by introducing sounds at set distances above and below the microphone's recording frequencies. NEC taps this flaw to play inverse speech in the ultrasonic range outside of human hearing, the frequencies needed to clandestinely block an audible voice. The tool effectively blocked voices when tested on a range of Apple, Xiaomi, and Samsung smartphones from up to 3.6 meters (nearly 12 feet) away.  .... ' 

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