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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Network Visualizations for Data Archive

Visualization always useful.  

Network Visualization Tool Maps Information Spread

By Indiana University Bloomington, July 29, 2022

Network Tool visualization

Network Tool visualizatons draw on a data archive with over 30 billion public tweets from the past three years.

Indiana University Bloomington's Observatory on Social Media (OSoMe) and Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research have launched an updated network visualization tool that shows journalists, scientists, and the public how information propagates.

The revamped Network Tool generates an interactive 3D map of information spreading across Twitter. Users can visualize who is retweeting or citing whom on a specific subject, or see which hashtags are being used with other hashtags, and all the data is now exportable.

OSoMe's tools leverage approximately 50 million tweets daily, equivalent to about 10% of public tweets, which are analyzed and indexed for use. Users can visualize data from any given month from the previous three years. ... 

From Indiana University Bloomington

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