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Friday, August 26, 2022

5G Networks Are Worryingly Hackable

Oops, first time I have seen this

5G Networks Are Worryingly Hackable

IEEE Spectrum

Edd Gent, August 24, 2022

German security researchers determined 5G networks can be hacked, having breached and hijacked live networks in a series of "red teaming" exercises. Poorly configured cloud technology made the exploits possible, they said, and Karsten Nohl at Germany's Security Research Labs cited the failure to implement basic cloud security. He suggested telecommunications companies may be taking shortcuts that could prevent 5G networks' "containers" from functioning properly. The emergence of 5G has escalated demand for virtualization, especially for radio access networks that link end-user devices to the network core. Nohl said 5G networks respond to the greater complexity with more automated network management, which makes exploitation easier.   ... ' 

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