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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Robot Arms to Stock Shelves

Considerable Labor Savings in retail.

Robot Arms Replacing Shelf Stockers in Japan's Stores


Vlad Savov, Mia Glass, August 9, 2022

FamilyMart Co. will install a fleet of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven robots from Telexistence Inc. at 300 of its convenience stores in Japan. The robots, called TX SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm), operate autonomously 98% of the time and will be used to restock shelves. They can be operated remotely if assistance is needed in accessing an item or there is an issue with the AI technology. Telexistence said each robot arm can replace one to three hours of human work daily per store. Said FamilyMart's Tomohiro Kano, "The newly created time can be reallocated to customer service and shop floor enhancement." The robot arms are equipped with Nvidia's Jetson AI platform and Microsoft's Azure cloud infrastructure, which enable them to process information, record sales data, and use the data to optimize restocking tasks.

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