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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Wireless Tech Measures Soil Moisture at Multiple Depths

Useful Sensors for some planting, some early planting.  

Wireless Tech Measures Soil Moisture at Multiple Depths

NC State University News

Matt Shipman, August 17, 2022

Scientists at North Carolina State University (NC State) developed the wireless Contactless Moisture Estimation (CoMEt) system to measure soil moisture at multiple depths in real time. NC State's Usman Mahmood Khan said, "If we know how far the signal has traveled, and we measure how a wireless signal's wavelength has changed, we can determine the phase shift of the signal. This, in turn, allows us to estimate the amount of water in the soil." An above-ground wireless device transmits radio waves into the soil, receives the signals reflected back, and measures the phase shift. The researchers said CoMEt could help inform irrigation practices to improve crop yield and lower agricultural water usage. .... ' 

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