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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Robotics Research at Boston Dynamics AI Institute

Followed Boston Dynamics for years.

Q&A: Marc Raibert on the Boston Dynamics AI Institute The founder of Boston Dynamics talks with us about the new $400 million research institute     By EVAN ACKERMAN

Last week, Hyundai Motor Group and Boston Dynamics announced an initial investment of over $400 million to launch the new Boston Dynamics AI Institute. The Institute was conceptualized by (and will be led by) Marc Raibert, the founder of Boston Dynamics, with the goal of “solving the most important and difficult challenges facing the creation of advanced robots.” That sounds hugely promising, but of course we had questions—namely, what are those challenges, how is this new institute going to solve them, and what are these to-be-created advanced robots actually going to do? And fortunately, IEEE Spectrum was able to speak with Marc Raibert himself to get a better understanding of what the Institute will be all about.  .... ' 

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