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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

AI-Created Lenses Let Camera Ignore Some Objects

 A kind of sensory focus, but is this another privacy issue?

AI-Created Lenses Let Camera Ignore Some Objects

New ScientistBy Matthew Sparkes, August 23, 2022

University of California, Los Angeles researchers developed a deep-learning artificial intelligence (AI) model design three-dimensionally (3D) printed plastic camera lenses that capture images of certain objects, while ignoring others in the same frame. The researchers trained the model using thousands of images of numbers, designated either as target objects to appear in images or objects to ignore. The model was told when images that were supposed to reach the camera's sensor did and did not pass through a trio of lenses, and when images that were not supposed to reach the sensor did. The AI used the data to improve its lens design. The completed lenses use complex patterns printed into the plastic to diffract away light relating to objects that are not designated to appear in the final image. Unwanted objects are not captured digitally, so they do not need to be edited out of the image.

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