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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Chinese Humanoid Robotics

More Human and dog-like forms and functions emerging. 

Xiaomi Builds a Humanoid Robot for Some Reason CyberOne is a new biped from China, but why does it exist?    In IEEE Spectrum   By  EVAN ACKERMAN

Xiaomi, a large Chinese consumer-electronics manufacturer, has introduced a full-size bipedal humanoid robot called CyberOne. It’s 177 centimeters in height and weighs 52 kilograms, and it comes with 21 degrees of freedom, with “a curved OLED module to display real-time interactive information.” Nifty! So, uh, its actual purpose is...what exactly?

Xiaomi’s intro-to-CyberOne video, above, leans on a pratfall gag that I’m 100 percent sure the robot can do. But as far as I can tell, if it in fact fell as part of its actual operations, it would shatter into a bajillion pieces with that fancy faceplate and all.

There is otherwise really not that much going on in this video. I got briefly excited when it walked up to that fallen tree, only to be disappointed when the feature it was advertising turned out to be “obstacle avoidance” and not “climbs nimbly over fallen trees.” I’m also not taking the rain resistance or overnight (?) endurance literally.  .... ' 

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