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Monday, August 08, 2022

VegSense Gathers Forestry Data in AR

Another idea that permits a level of continuous sensing of information by professionals for a rich scan. 

VegSense Makes Sense for Forest Studies

Rice University News, Mike Williams, August 1, 2022

Rice University bioscientists combined a mixed-reality Microsoft HoloLens headset with the open-source VegSense software to measure vegetation for forest studies. Rice's Daniel Gorczynski said the hardware-software combination is less expensive than light detection and ranging (LiDAR) systems most frequently used in three-dimensional field studies. The headset displays a grid pattern that tracks the surfaces of vegetation as the user scans the environment. Gorczynski said the object "is to get the mesh to cover as much of the vegetation as possible because that's what gets you the best scan." In testing, VegSense detected 48 of 50 relatively mature trees within a circle about 30 feet in diameter in Houston's Memorial Park. ... 

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