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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

GM Answers Questions on EV

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 GM wants to answer all your burning questions about electric vehicles

EV Live is the automaker’s latest effort to educate consumers about all things electric

By Andrew J. Hawkins@andyjayhawk  Jul 25, 2022, 9:30am EDT 

As interest in electric vehicles continues to grow, consumers may find they have a lot of questions that they would like answered even before stepping inside a dealership or taking out a car loan. To that end, General Motors is launching a new online platform called EV Live designed to educate curious car buyers about the brand new world of battery-powered vehicles.

Anyone with questions about EVs who owns a computer or smartphone can log into EV Live to chat in real time with one of GM’s EV experts, who can offer tutorials, vehicle walkarounds, and (perhaps unsubtly) help promote the automaker’s many EV related products.

“We’re hoping to break the internet on Monday,” Hoss Hassani, GM vice president of EV ecosystem, said in a briefing with reporters, citing other moments when the company’s website crashed, such as when reservations were opened for its Chevy Silverado EV and Hummer EV trucks.

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