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Monday, August 22, 2022

Google Tests AI Robotics in a Kitchen

Look forward to seeing this.  Kitchen has many tasks that could be automated, but usually not well positioned for broad application and integration.  Note here a number of hints at Google investment in the topic.  Ready to test.

Google Is Testing Its Latest AI-Powered Robot In a Kitchen  in ExtremeTech   By Adrianna Nine on August 17, 2022

Many robots are created to conduct highly-controlled jobs like frying potatoes, watering plants, or collecting litter. But a truly life-changing robot is one that can adapt to changing—and sometimes hectic—circumstances (ideally without losing its cool). That’s the line of thinking Google is following as it meshes its language-handling AI with a handy robot assistant.

Google’s Pathways Language Model (PaLM) is a relatively new 540-billion parameter network built to complete a variety of complex language-based tasks. It’s said to be intelligent enough to describe how it solved a math problem and annoy you by explaining your own jokes. Rather than focusing on one area of “expertise” and starting fresh every time it learns a new skill, PaLM can “stack” previously-learned knowledge to devise solutions to novel problems, similar to how humans assess new situations. This is important if a robot is meant to help humans in their jobs or day-to-day personal lives.

It just so happens that Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has been working on a new robotics firm called Everyday Robots. As its name suggests, the firm’s goal is to build robots that learn on their own and take care of “time-consuming, everyday tasks.” Combined with PaLM, Everyday Robots’ SayCan robot becomes the PaLM-SayCan, a bot capable of assessing its own capabilities, its environment, and the task at hand, then breaking that task into smaller sub-tasks to achieve the desired goal. ... ' 

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