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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Kroger Rolls Out Belt Driven Self-Checkout Lanes

Will go to see this example of autonomy.

Kroger expanding new belted self-checkout to 20 Tri-State stores

Calls test of new high tech lanes a success  in RetailWire

Kroger says its test of new self scan checkout lanes was a success, and it is now adding them to 20 Cincinnati-area stores.

Kroger new checkout lanes   By: John Matarese    WCPO

CINCINNATI — Kroger says the test of its new high tech self-scan checkout lanes has been so well received by shoppers, it has just expanded them into 20 Cincinnati-area stores.

And it plans to add the new lanes in more stores this fall.    The checkout — if you haven't seen one in your store yet — uses a belt to speed up the process, just like the cashier uses in the standard lane.

This eliminates one of the biggest complaints about standard self-checkout lanes: The lack of space for all your items.   Many people struggle to get their purchases into the bags on the little carousel, sometimes dropping a glass jar.    .... '  

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