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Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Stocks to Watch for Analytics

If analytics are the future, how to invest in them?    Here a reasonable set of well known choices.    We worked with all of them, and many more.  Note that the term 'AI' is not often mentioned, which is good, analytics is a good place to start. 

Using predicted stock price as a measure, here a look at potential results.  Much more at the link.

Entrepreneur writes:

3 Stocks to Watch Amid Rising Usage of Business Analytics

Watch out for the likes of Adobe (ADBE), International Business Machines (IBM) and SAP (SAP) as the reliance on business analytics for insights ...

September 6, 2021   This story originally appeared on Zacks

As the shift to digitization has accelerated over the years, the importance of business analytics has also increased manifold. With the help of business analytics, organizations are able to gather data, gain valuable insights and make informed decisions, thereby boosting profitability.

Businesses can gather data from various departments as well as smart devices that are connected via the Internet of Things. Upon collecting such data, they are separated for identifying patterns. The advent of machine learning (“ML”) has been instrumental in data mining as ML algorithms can accelerate the process by comprehending trends and patterns. Once the patterns have been established, organizations can study the data to better understand their business operations and utilize analytics to predict possible outcomes by building models based on existing data and trends.

This helps organizations to increase their productivity and boost efficiency as they can take note of the aspects that are working best for them and improve upon other areas as well. Moreover, organizations can better serve their customers with the help of marketing analytics, which is part of business analytics, as they can understand their behaviors, likes, and dislikes, and offer them products and services based on those parameters. What’s more, the analytics can also be presented in a visualized manner for better comprehension by technology experts as well as businesspersons.

In fact, the spread of the coronavirus boosted the adoption of data analytics, through which firms can make informed business decisions. During the height of the pandemic last year, a TechRepublic article published on May 28, 2020, citing Sisense’s State of BI & Analytics Report 2020: Special COVID-19 Edition mentioned that 49% of companies were utilizing data analytics “more or much more” than before the pandemic. The article further stated that 55% of companies were utilizing data to become more efficient as well as predicting outcomes while 47% were using it to aid customer interactions.

The advent of cloud computing has also provided a leg up to business analytics as organizations are opting for cloud analytics services due to factors such as reduced costs, flexibility, availability of several analytics tools, and so on.  ... '

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