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Friday, September 03, 2021

Quick Phrases for Google Assistant

New efficiency

Google Assistant Planning Quick Phrase Commands Without Wake Word

ERIC HAL SCHWARTZ  in Voicebot.ai

Google Assistant users won’t need to use ‘OK Google’ or other wake words to give commands to the voice assistant, according to a 9to5 Google report. The upcoming ‘quick phrases’ feature is still in development but could mark a big shift in how people issue orders to Google Assistant.


Quick phrases essentially skip the necessity for a wake word to alert Google Assistant and prepare it to carry out the command. The software lists around 20 commands that can be set up to work without a wake word, with users able to pick which ones are active at any given time and on which devices. The orders relate to setting up and canceling alarms, asking about the time and weather, operating smart lights, controlling music, and communication tools like the phone and message broadcasting. To keep the quick phrases under the control of the device owner, Google Assistant relies on the Voice Match vocal identification tool. The quick phrases feature was discovered by an investigation into the under-development software codenamed Guacamole, with the specific commands that won’t need wake words called ‘salsas.’ The option was called ‘voice shortcuts’ in previous documentation, but otherwise is the same.  ... ' 

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