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Thursday, February 11, 2021

India Analyzing Data Goals and Gaps with AI

Notable use  of AI and other pattern recognition approaches: What data do we have, its ability, to achieve certain levels of understanding of our economy.   Then what data, quality of data, and metadata is needed at what cost, to further tune that understanding?   Note out past looks at the 'data as an asset', for more explorations of this.   Gaps analysis to achieve goals.  With risks considered along the way.   Note the mention of real-time data. 

AI Is India's Solution to Fix Data Gaps   By Bloomberg Quint, February 11, 2021  in   ACM

India is turning from man to machines to improve the quality and speed of its economic data.

India's Ministry of Statistics is accelerating artificial intelligence (AI) usage for collecting, analyzing, and disclosing data to better monitor the economy, including an initiative with the World Bank employing an information portal that collates real-time data.

The Ministry's Kshatrapati Shivaji said, "There's a growing need for more and more data, faster data, and also more refined data products," and end-to-end computerization "will enhance the quality, credibility, and timeliness of data."

He added that AI will see extensive use, and help to overcome staffing limitations.

Shivaji said, "Because of automation and technology-intensive applications, the capability and productivity of staff is getting enhanced substantially. Wherever there is a component where we're able to squeeze the time with the help of technology, we're trying to do that."

From Bloomberg Quint in ACM

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