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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Perseverance Rover Landing, Testing Robotics

 Am a long time follower of advanced robotics. The Mars rover is set to arrive tomorrow.  With new advances in Torque and Force arm sensing in a harsh environment.   Look forward to seeing more demonstrated.

NASA’s Mars Rover Required a Special Touch for Its Robotic Arms

ATI Industrial Automation brings its Force/Torque Sensor from the factory floor to the harsh environment of Mars’ surface.

In July, NASA launched the most sophisticated rover the agency has ever built: Perseverance. Scheduled to land on Mars in February 2021, Perseverance will be able to perform unique research into the history of microbial life on Mars in large part due to its robotic arms. To achieve this robotic capability, NASA needed to call upon innovation-driven contractors to make such an engineering feat a reality.

One of the company’s that NASA enlisted to help develop Perseverance was ATI Industrial Automation. NASA looked to have ATI adapt the company’s own Force/Torque Sensor to enable the robotic arm of Perseverance to operate in the environment of space. ATI Force/Torque sensors were initially developed to enable robots and automation systems to sense the forces applied while interacting with their environment in operating rooms or factory floors. ... " 

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