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Monday, February 08, 2021

Walking Inside Samples

Worked on something similar, positioned for looking at product designs.   Wlaking through thigs can give you ideas about design. 

Software Allows Scientists to 'Walk Inside' Samples

Australian National University  February 3, 2021

The new Drishti software developed by researchers at Australian National University (ANU) lets scientists visualize data in three dimensions and generate lifelike models of objects like fossil samples so they can "zoom in" on smaller details without damaging the original sample. ANU's Yuzhi Hu said, "After we scan the sample, we then have a set of 3D data which can be digitally dissected effectively using our new tool.” The ANU team said the software could be particularly useful for scientific communication and education. ANU's Ajay Limaye said Drishti's current applications include digitally duplicating a mummy sample. The Drishti software is free and available online... '

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