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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Brain Background Noise Useful

Recall this being brought up in some work we did in understanding reactions to stimuli.    We theorized that it was always useful to calculate the background, where we later discovered some 'data' that ended up being useful.    Still think its useful to bring along the metadata of background noise.   This is not the same thing, more in the realm of neuro, and only some of our data was neuro.   Nice to see this,  makes me think.

The Brain’s ‘Background Noise’ May Be Meaningful After All

By digging out signals hidden within the brain’s electrical chatter, scientists are getting new insights into sleep, aging, and more.

AT A SLEEP research symposium in January 2020, Janna Lendner presented findings that hint at a way to look at people’s brain activity for signs of the boundary between wakefulness and unconsciousness. For patients who are comatose or under anesthesia, it can be all-important that physicians make that distinction correctly. Doing so is trickier than it might sound, however, because when someone is in the dreaming state of rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep, their brain produces the same familiar, smoothly oscillating brain waves as when they are awake.  ... " 

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