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Friday, February 12, 2021

Standardizing Robot Operating Systems

Just because they use the same software does not mean they will 'get along'.   Still the use of software that can communicate will make them easier to update and exchange information.  

As Robots Fill the Workplace, They Must Learn to Get Along  By Wired, February 12, 2021

Singapore's Changi General Hospital is using software from Open Robotics to avoid standoffs among its robots in hallways or outside elevators.

The hospital's approximately 50 robots are from eight manufacturers, and the software enables robots from different manufacturers to communicate and negotiate safe passage around each other.  Open Robotics maintains the Robot Operating System (ROS) open-source software, but the software being used by Changi allows communication among robots not based on ROS.

The company hopes for more widespread adoption of such free, easily modified software to facilitate greater interoperability of workplace robots.

ABI Research's Rian Whitton said companies have been able to develop mobile robots more quickly thanks to ROS, and interoperability could accelerate through an open source platform.

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