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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Data Lineage Platform

First I had heard of this kind of platform,  we had used semantic web models. to create models of enterprise data.  Can this be used in conjunction with semantic models?    Also addresses the data as an asset measure. 

Solidatus raises $19.5 million to expand its enterprise data lineage platform

Paul Sawers @psawers  in Venturebeat,   February 15, 2021  

Solidatus, a U.K.-based data management and modeling platform for enterprises, has raised £14 million ($19.5 million) in a series A round of funding led by AlbionVC, with participation from HSBC Ventures and Citi — both Solidatus clients.

Founded out of London in 2011, Solidatus helps businesses monetize their data by charting the data journey from its origin while noting any transformations and presenting anything relevant in a visual format. This can be particularly pertinent for highly regulated industries, such as banking, where businesses may need to provide detailed accounts of all their data. Solidatus helps ensure that all that data is “cataloged and owned,” as the company puts it. ... ' 

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