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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Vaccines by Drone

 Don't quite see what this buys you, excerpt in remote locations.


Drones Could Begin Vaccine Deliveries in April, Firm Says

By The Hill, February 11, 2021

Drone delivery service Zipline said it is partnering with a leading manufacturer of COVID-19 vaccines to begin distributing shots to its global partner locations, possibly by April. Drone delivery service Zipline announced a partnership with "a leading manufacturer of Covid-19 vaccines" to start dispatching doses to its global partner sites as soon as April.

The company has built a system for transporting medical supplies that must be stored at low temperatures, including all leading Covid-19 vaccines. Zipline also said its aerial drones will be able to deliver additional supplies to remote regions that lack easy access to needed healthcare services.

Zipline's Keller Rinaudo said, "[Rural] communities face great challenges. We can help health systems bypass infrastructure and supply chain challenges through instant delivery."  ....'

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