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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Visualized Quantum Computing

Nicely done, largely non technical.   Visual look by an academicjust learning about the topic.:

Visualizing Quantum Computation  in TowardsdataScience

From Zero to Understand What the Hack is Happening!

Alessandro Berti

Hi there! I’m a Ph.D. student at University of Pisa and my research topic is Quantum Computing!

My First Approach to Quantum Computing

I have to be honest, the very first approach to Quantum Computing is struggling, especially for those who come from a CS degree ( just like me :) ). There is a little to which you can hang on based on your classical computer scientist experience.

One problem in quantum computation is for sure a visualization problem.

Can you understand what the following quantum circuit does?

Figure 1. What is this Quantum Cirtcuit? [Image by Author]

If you are a beginner, probably no. I had the same problem too!

I do believe that this way of representing the code of a quantum algorithm in quantum circuits misses “a dimension”. This kind of representation tricked me. It was implicitly forcing me to reason in a 2D dimension while the reality was in 3D, so I was unable to visualize it properly. ... " 

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