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Thursday, February 25, 2021

AI Everywhere: Implications of?

Thoughtfull. But I don't consider just algorithms to be AI.     AI is adaptable and evolving abilities to do things that currently humans do best.   Like reading or writing or learning or reacting.  

A.I. Here, There, Everywhere,   In The New York Times,  February 25, 2021

Interacting with artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence requires data to learn patterns and make decisions, But researchers are developing methods to use our data without actually seeing it, or encrypt it in ways that currently can't be hacked.

I wake up in the middle of the night. It's cold.

"Hey, Google, what's the temperature in Zone 2," I say into the darkness. A disembodied voice responds: "The temperature in Zone 2 is 52 degrees." "Set the heat to 68," I say, and then I ask the gods of artificial intelligence to turn on the light.

Many of us already live with A.I., an array of unseen algorithms that control our Internet-connected devices, from smartphones to security cameras and cars that heat the seats before you've even stepped out of the house on a frigid morning.

But, while we've seen the A.I. sun, we have yet to see it truly shine.

Researchers liken the current state of the technology to cellphones of the 1990s: useful, but crude and cumbersome. They are working on distilling the largest, most powerful machine-learning models into lightweight software that can run on "the edge," meaning small devices such as kitchen appliances or wearables. Our lives will gradually be interwoven with brilliant threads of A.I.   ..  " 

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