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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Restoring Notre-Dame with VR

Very impressive imagery on current state and progress of Notre-Dame Damage and restoration. Certainly a model for future work of this kind.  Includes video describing work.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame Rescue Is Buttressed by Digital Wizardry  By Financial Times, February 17, 2021  in ACM

Art historians, architects, computer scientists, and digital designers from around the world are leveraging virtual reality (VR), three-dimensional modeling, and cloud computing technologies to create a "virtual twin" of the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, France, as part of its reconstruction following a 2019 fire.

The simulated cathedral will display the progress in real time using images streamed from inside the cathedral by robot-sentries outfitted with cameras. Engineers and experts on medieval architecture can move through the simulation while wearing VR headsets. Architectural drawings, post-fire scientific reports, and the provenance of specific building components can be accessed by clicking on any detail.

Artificial intelligence agents also are moving quickly through pre- and post-fire images to identify surviving sculpted and limestone elements that could be reintegrated into the site.

These techniques could be used to preserve ancient architecture virtually, reconstruct centuries-old sites, or create virtual museums for iconic cultural sites.

From Financial Times

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