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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Boosting Inbound Sales

This happened to come up in a conversation last week.   Good summary below and more detail at the link.

4 Behaviors that Boost Inbound Sales  by Matthew Dixon, Ted McKenna, and Tom Shepherd  in  HBR


Particularly during the pandemic, when face-to-face visits with customers have been constrained, inbound selling in calls centers has become more important to company revenue. New research uses recordings of millions of such calls, analyzes the way salespeople drive the conversation, and record whether the call results in a sale. This analysis shows four behaviors that play the biggest role in converting callers into buyers: Disqualifying callers who shouldn’t be dealing with a salesperson, prescribing a solution to the customer problem, digging into objections, and de-risking the purchase so callers don’t get off the phone to “think it over.” Only 1% of calls contained all four of these behaviors — but when they did, 70% of calls resulted in a sale.   ... '

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