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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

GIS Data for Covid Vaccination Distribution

 Off to get my Covid vaccination this morning and saw this:

How GIS Data Can Help Fix Vaccine Distribution in Information Week

Esri Chief Medical Officer Este Geraghty explains how geographic data and maps can streamline COVID-19 vaccine distribution planning.

Chances are you know someone who has received a COVID-19 vaccine. About one in 10 Americans have been vaccinated so far. But as 50 states with 50 different plans scramble to get their populations vaccinated against the novel coronavirus, the race is on for the US to get to a point where all the people who want a shot get a shot.

Any effort of this magnitude is bound to run into logistical and execution challenges along the way. How do you allocate the correct number of doses to each state and to each facility delivering vaccines? How many workers do you need to administer the shots? How far do people have to travel to receive shots?

Another necessary factor that complicates vaccine delivery is that the US is phasing its approach, vaccinating healthcare workers and essential employees and older citizens first. Vaccines are being administered at veterans’ services centers, state sites, hospitals, and many other venues. The government is working to establish a retail pharmacy vaccination program. It's a complex delivery system.  ... "

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