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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Spot Dogs at Work for NYPD

See that the NY City Police department has again utilized one of the Boston Dynamics  'Spot' dogs.  Apparently for a situation with potential human danger involved. .  The impressive look of 'dog-like' droids is coming to life.  Is this the future of policing?   Some of the inhabitants seem unsure.  

The NYPD deploys a robot dog again   

Boston Dynamics’ little robot makes another appearance in New York City   By Bijan Stephen in TheVerge

The cyberpunk dystopia is here! (If you weren’t aware: I’m sorry. You’re living in a cyberpunk dystopia.) The latest sign — aside from corporations controlling many aspects of everyday life, massive widespread wealth inequality, and the recent prominence of bisexual lighting — comes in the form of robot dogs deployed to do jobs human police used to. Yesterday, as the New York Post reports, the NYPD deployed Boston Dynamics’ robot “dog” Spot to a home invasion crime scene in the Bronx.    ... " 

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