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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Israeli Military Launches Radical New Google Maps Alternative

New approaches at detailed street maps.

Israeli Military Launches Radical New Google Maps Alternative
Zak Doffman
June 30, 2020

The Israeli military has adopted artificial intelligence (AI), multi-source data fusion, and augmented reality (AR) to weed out terrorists from civilians in urban areas. Similar to Google Street View, the military is using an AR overlay from the fusion of multiple sources of highly classified intelligence and open source data on the terrain and environment, along with AI running pattern analytics from previous combat experiences to gauge the hidden enemy's next move. The AR display, which is shown to soldiers on a smartphone or tablet or streamed directly into their binoculars or weapons sights, helps them understand why a location has been deemed hostile. Final targeting decisions are left to the soldiers on the ground. The AI tool is tasked with distilling terabytes of intelligence every day into useful and relevant data, and soldiers have just five to 10 seconds to decide on any action they take based on that data.  ..."

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