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Monday, July 27, 2020

Identifying Birds from Behind

Not banned for bias yet.   So at least we can continue to fine tune accuracy as needed and apply it to studies to help the avian world.

Birdwatching AI can recognise individual birds from behind
in NewScientist   By Michael Le Page

Artificial intelligence has been trained to recognise individual birds, which is more than we humans are capable of. The system is being developed for biologists studying wild animals, but could be adapted so that people can identify individual birds in their surroundings.

André Ferreira at the Center for Functional and Evolutionary Ecology in Montpellier, France, started the project while studying how individual sociable weavers contribute to their colonies. This is normally done by putting coloured tags on their legs and sitting by nests to watch them, which is very time-consuming. Ferreira tried filming the colonies instead, but often the coloured tags weren’t visible in the footage, so he and his colleagues turned to AI. ... "  

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