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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Capital One's AI Assistant

Had not seen this assistant example before.   Much more at the link.

How Capital One’s AI assistant achieved 99% NLU accuracy
VB Staff in VentureBeat

Like almost every other bank, Capital One used to have a basic SMS-based fraud alert system, asking customers if unusual activity that was detected was genuine. But in about 15% of cases, people didn’t text back a simple yes or no.

As Ken Dodelin, VP of Conversational AI Products at Capital One explained in conversation with VentureBeat’s Founder and CEO, Matt Marshall at Transform 2020, a good number of people would write back other explanations — things like “Yeah, that was me” or “Yep. [thumbs-up emoji]” or “Yes, that was last weekend when I was in Philadelphia visiting my sister.”
“We didn’t understand any of it [then],” said Dodelin. “And so that kind of hit the lightbulb for us — wouldn’t it be great if we could understand natural language coming back to us from customers?”

Since then, the vision of building an AI assistant that takes complexity out of money for Capital One customers, and makes money management easier, has been relentless. The intentionally non-gender-specific-named ENO requires no opt-in. Through SMS or push notification, ENO will let you know if you were charged twice for the same amount within a couple of seconds; it might check if an exorbitantly large tip you left was intentional, or if the decimal place was in the wrong spot. Or it could alert you that the free trial you signed up for (and clearly forgot about) is about to expire. ... 

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