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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Ethereum is 5, and is Talking

Been impressed by the direction of Blockchain player Ethereum, which has been ambitious and planning to publish a newsletter as part of their milestone.    I ask:   Where has it come from, where is it going?  Where will it take us beyond money?   When will the smart contract rise? (They promise a post on that)   Implications for cryptography, distributed consensus, Data Identity and Secure Shared intelligence?   Am Following. You can sign up for the limited newsletter at the link.

Ethereum Turns Five Next Week and We’re Producing a Special Series
By  Elaine Ramirez from Coindesk

Five years ago, a wildly ambitious project went live. Its creators envisioned a “world computer” that would transform not just money but a vast range of social interactions, pushing the boundaries of what could be done with cryptography and distributed consensus. Ethereum had arrived.

From its technical aspirations to unicorn memes, Ethereum is a culture on its own. It has spawned inventions – from digital cats to yield farming – previously unimagined and now faces a major overhaul – Eth 2.0 – to keep up with the market’s demands.

CoinDesk is marking the milestone with Ethereum at Five: a cross-platform series featuring special coverage, a limited-run newsletter and live-streamed discussions on Twitter. New issues and sessions launch daily from July 27-31.  .... 

Ethereum at Five Newsletter
Each morning during the event, our editorial team will publish a newsletter that covers the waterfront from Ethereum’s culture and lifestyle to innovations like decentralized apps, DAOs, decentralized finance and enterprise solutions, and closes out by asking the big questions about the hotly anticipated Ethereum 2.0.

Don’t know what any of that means? Led by editors Marc Hochstein, Elaine Ramirez, Christie Harkin and Zack Seward, our limited-run newsletter will be packed with educational content that eases the newbie into Ethereum, while offering the thoughtful deep-dives loyal CoinDesk readers know and love.

CoinDesk reporters and analysts Ian Allison, Leigh Cuen, Brady Dale, Nate DiCamillo, Will Foxley, Christine Kim and Hoa Nguyen will guide readers through the five years of Ethereum’s evolution, including Ethereum’s efforts to upend the banking industry, its challenges in scalability and enterprise adoption, its Woodstock moment and its status as a global lifestyle brand.

Meanwhile, we’ll provide bite-sized lessons to ease readers into the concepts of smart contracts, enterprise blockchain, yield farming and more and offer recommended reading from the CoinDesk vault.  ... "

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