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Monday, July 27, 2020

AI and the Curious Consideration of Autonomous Intent

Context, Autonomy Intent... for Autonomous AI.  Considerable piece on the difficult problem.  Has not come close to technical solution.

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On Whether AI Can Form ‘Intent’ Including In The Case Of Autonomous Cars
By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider

These remarks all have something in common:

The devil made me do it
I didn’t mean to be mean to you
Something just came over me
I wanted to do it
You got what was coming to you
My motives were pure
What’s that all about?

You could say that those are all various ways in which someone might express their intent or intentions.

In some instances, the person is seemingly expressing their intent directly, while in other cases they appear to be avoiding being pinned down on their intentions and are trying to toss the intent onto the shoulders of someone or something else.

When we express our intent, there is no particular reason to necessarily believe that it is true per se.

A person can tell you their intentions and yet be lying through their teeth.

Or, a person can offer their intentions and genuinely believe that they are forthcoming in their indication, and yet it might be entirely fabricated and concocted as a kind of rationalization after-the-fact.  ... " 

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