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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Maintaining the Measures

Like the general thought, measures are important, but what is driving and changing the measures?  Another example of maintaining the model in use.  Changes will happen.

Modern IT KPIs emphasize cloud, DevOps and user experience

When it comes to KPIs, IT ops teams have typically prioritized process-centric metrics, but recent technical and cultural shifts have started to change that.

By Alyssa Fallon, Assistant Site Editor

Key performance indicators drive IT operations teams to work more efficiently -- but what drives KPIs?

While specific metrics will always vary between organizations, the IT KPIs that enterprises track are evolving as a whole. Technical initiatives, such as cloud and DevOps adoption, as well as organizational changes that emphasize IT-business alignment, have IT shops eyeing a new, or at least more expansive, set of key performance indicators.

Technical drivers
The rise of cloud and DevOps has transformed IT in many ways -- including KPIs.

"DevOps has a unique set of KPIs in terms of how applications are developed, how they are provisioned, how they are maintained, how they operate, how frequently they may fail or need to change, and how quickly they can be fixed," said Carl Lehmann, principal analyst at 451 Research. These unique DevOps KPIs include metrics such as time to provision, time to upgrade and time to value.... " 

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