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Monday, July 13, 2020

Google Pushes Text Fragment Links

Taking a look at this as a possible means for capturing contextual insights.

Google pushes “text fragment links” with new Chrome extension
New feature can deep-link to specific text on a Web page, with highlighting.   ...

Ron Amadeo  in ArsTechnica

Google has been cooking up an extension to the URL standard called "Text Fragments." The new link style will allow you to link not just to a page but to specific text on a page, which will get scrolled to and highlighted automatically once the page loads. It's like an anchor link, but with highlighting and creatable by anyone.

The feature has actually been supported in Chrome since version 80, which hit the stable channel in February. Now a new extension from Google makes it easy to create this new link type, which will work for anyone else using Chrome on desktop OSes and Android. Google has proposed the idea to the W3C and hopes other browsers will adopt it, but even if they don't, the links are backward-compatible. ....  "

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