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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Microsoft Spins off Chinese Chatbot

Somewhat surprising, the demos I had seen looked interesting.

Microsoft Spins Off Chinese Chatbot Xiaoice  by Laurie Sullivan  @lauriesullivan, July 14, 2020
Microsoft is spinning off its AI-based chatbot technology, Xiaoice, into a stand-alone company after nurturing it for about six years.

It is aimed at Chinese consumers and has the personality of a teenage girl. Microsoft will retain a stake in the new company, Xiaoice or Xiaobing, and will license technologies from Microsoft for future efforts in research and development.

The chatbot became available to consumers in China in 2014, but now the service is available across many social networks, with about 660 million users, and offers more than 280 skills.

"Morning News," a Chinese live program in 2015, introduced Xiaoice as a trainee anchor where it took charge of the daily weather report.  ... " 

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