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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Home Robotics with a Reaching Tele-Assistant

What looks like a minimalist robot, but with a great reach.  Evidently primarily for tele-operation. And thinking about it, reach is a big component of convenience in a home, say for assisting a disabled person.  Unclear if it is enough to be a universal assistant.   Also potential for other functionality.

Ex-Google robotics head unveils automated home assistant    by Peter Grad , in Tech Xplore

The former head of Google's robotics division has unveiled a new robot named Stretch that he hopes will prove to be an economical and handy assistant around the home.

And it's no stretch to say that it could provide a blueprint for future efforts in practical, low-cost automated devices to assist with household chores.

Aaron Edsinger, along with partner Charlie Kemp of the Georgia Tech Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines, say simplicity was key. They devised a lightweight machine consisting of a wheel base, a three-foot-high center pole and a telescoping touch-sensitive arm that, as its name suggests, stretches, and intelligently grabs and handles objects. It can carry items weighing up to three pounds.

"What sets this robot apart is its extraordinary reach, which is why we named it Stretch," said Edsinger. The arm, which moves easily along the center pole from top to bottom, can stretch out about 20 inches from its base.  ...  "

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