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Monday, July 27, 2020

Toward Quantum Rainbows at Room Temperature

Starting to see some of these efforts link to my own work.  Here one of interest.

Quantum Rainbow'—Photons of Switching Colors Allow Room-Temperature Quantum Computing
Purdue University News
July 20, 2020

Engineers at Purdue University have developed a quantum random walk method that could eventually allow computers to sift through data at incredibly fast speeds. A random walk involves an agent randomly moving to the right or left at each time interval, while a quantum agent can move to right and left simultaneously at each step. Purdue's Andrew Weiner said the new technique employs photons at specific colors or frequencies, which he described as "the quantum walk of the rainbow." The photons randomly change colors in a quantum manner during the walk, and this method can be conducted at room temperature because it uses photons rather than superconducting quantum bits. Performing experiments with integrated photonics and other elements used in lightwave or optical communication also reduces costs and adds compatibility with fiber-optics communications infrastructure. ... "

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