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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Amazon Scout Delivery Robots Expand

Been awaiting for this, looking forward to see it operational in the suburbs, on the roads and sidewalks, among people.  My camera is ready.

Amazon is testing its Scout delivery robots in Georgia and Tennessee
It’s already testing the bots in Washington and California.
Christine Fisher, @cfisherwrites in Engadget

If you live in Atlanta, Georgia or Franklin, Tennessee, your next Amazon order might arrive in one of the company’s Scout delivery robots. Amazon began testing its cooler-sized delivery bots in Snohomish County, Washington last year. They’ve been making deliveries in the Irvine area of California, and this week they popped up in Atlanta and Franklin.

Only a handful of Amazon Scout devices will operate in each city. They’ll be accompanied by a human, travel at walking speed and make deliveries Monday through Friday, during daylight hours. Customers will place their Amazon orders as usual, and there won’t be any additional cost for Scout deliveries.

Scout has successfully navigated around objects on the sidewalk -- from dogs to refrigerators left for pickup and surfboards. We still don’t know how it will verify who is opening its storage hatch or how it will unload packages if no one is there to collect them. For now, its human assistant will take care of that.  .. " 

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