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Friday, July 17, 2020

Revamped GMail to Compete

Used GMail since we tested it in the enterprise.   Later because we collaborated with universities who got it for free.    Always liked it, and the following GSuite, but its design was always a bit quirkily  'academic' as well, making you need to do things in sometimes illogical ways.   Our enterprise went full Microsoft soon afterwards, but it was OK to keep the Google connections as needed.  Will advances in GMail help this?   Notable the look at MS Teams, which is not in considerable use.

A revamped Gmail could bolster interest in G Suite as it looks to take on rivals like Microsoft, Slack and others.  By Matthew Finnegan in Computerworld

Google has unveiled a revamped Gmail that will serve as a hub for collaboration with access to video, chat and shared files available directly from the email client. It’s a move designed to bring Google into closer competition with Microsoft Teams, according to one analyst, as well boosting its position against newcomers.

Google has moved in recent months to integrate its various G Suite apps with Gmail, with its Meet video and Chat team messaging applications gradually being melded with the email client. Indeed, despite expectations in some quarters that team chat will kill email, Google has long seen Gmail as the natural home for collaboration in its portfolio. ... "

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