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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Data Dividend Plan

We worked on a number of projects that linked to 'data as an asset'  ideas, and was reminded of this project in Wired.  Its value, limitations are and issues worth re-examining.

Andrew Yang’s Plan to Pay You for Your Data Doesn't Add Up
He wants social media companies to pay you for the data you produce. But loopholes abound, it's too expensive, and other plans like it have failed.

LAST MONTH, Former presidential hopeful Andrew Yang launched a new initiative called the Data Dividend Project  that would force social media companies to compensate users for the use of their data. As Yang told the Verge, “That first day that people get paid their dividend through DDP for All is going to be such a great day.” But the second day, as platform users and advertisers adjust to the new costs, is sure to be a mess. ... ' 

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