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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Vuzix Smart Glasses Again

Been intriqued by this, mentioned it several times, for a couple of years now,  especially how it claims to eventually integrate with assistant systems like Alexa.   Would like to see that and how it extends the interface.   Engadget here does a hands-on review, coming to the inclusion that it still is not fully developed, and is too expensive.

Vuzix’s smart glasses still aren’t ready for prime time
Despite its features, it's not worth $1,000.    By Nicole Lee, @nicole

After years of development, Vuzix is now ready to ship the Blade, its first pair of consumer-ready smart glasses. I had a good look at it last month, but at the time, it was lacking a few core features like Alexa integration and step-by-step directions. Over the past week however, Vuzix shipped a couple of big software updates and I was finally able to test them out. The features certainly make the Blade a lot more functional than before, but they're still not enough for me to recommend these $1,000 pair of glasses. ... " 

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