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Monday, February 18, 2019

Cisco Looks at the Connected Car

Even before we become self driving, we will be very connected.  Cisco is starting a series of pieces on the implications, and thought provoking stats.

Connected Car – The Driven Hour
By Joel Obstfeld in the Cisco Blog

It’s time to get real about Connected Cars and the volume of data that they will generate.

Connected vehicles are often mentioned as being a major driver for 5G, especially with respect to the provision of low-latency communications for safety-related use-cases. With the 5G capability to provide ‘network slicing’, it is likely that automotive manufacturers will be attracted to such offerings with a view to improved security, resource allocation and service differentiation.

While viable business models for the support of safety-related use-cases are still to be defined, modern vehicles are already connected to service provider networks using cellular technology for a range of applications. ... " 

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