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Friday, February 22, 2019

Trends that Defined Google's Year in Search

A look at last year.    Notably interesting is the way people have changed how they search.

The search trends that defined Google’s Year in Search
Natalie Zmuda December 2018 Search, Consumer

For marketers looking to understand the people, events, and cultural moments that defined 2018, search data provides a snapshot. From Stephen Hawking to the royal wedding to “Black Panther,” it’s clear what people cared about in the past year.

Search has always offered a window into what people need, want, and intend to do. That’s become even more true as the words that people type into a search box become increasingly conversational and personal.

In 2018, Google Search turned 20 years old. And while the way people search has changed dramatically in that time, the reasons why people search have not. People turn to search for information and inspiration, to learn how to do something, and to sate their curiosity. And 2018 was no different.

This year, people turned to search to locate their local polling place, to find out Prince Harry’s last name, and to understand why everyone was talking about something called “Fortnite.” They asked, “who won mcgregor vs khabib” and “where is hurricane michael.” And they also explored “how to vote,” “how to buy bitcoin,” and “how to get boogie down emote.” ... ' 

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