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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sentiment Analysis and Merchandising Calls

Quite a range of information is described. 

Can sentiment analysis improve merchandising calls?   by Brian Kilcourse in Retailwire

Through a special arrangement, what follows is a summary of an article from Retail Paradox, RSR Research’s weekly analysis on emerging issues facing retailers, presented here for discussion.

Marketers have long used sentiment analysis to target offers in the digital domain, but a new generation of demand forecasting capabilities is extending its use into merchandise planning.

Sentiment analysis examines “non-transactional” data that consumers leave along their digital paths-to-purchase that can offer an early indicator of demand. A simple example is the number of positive mentions on social or e-mail streams about a new offering. Online clicks, geo-location info and other digital data can also offer clues as to whether underlying sentiment is positive, negative or neutral. ... " 

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