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Saturday, February 09, 2019

Reducing Quantum Noise

Worked with folks at Argonne, impressive group.   Regarding using simulations or agent process for improved understanding of process.   Data lost to noise is an interesting area of research.  Predicting future 'noise' also useful in analyses?    Information can also be found in noise.

Argonne Researchers Develop Method to Reduce Quantum Noise 
Argonne National Laboratory
Joe Harmon; Diana Anderson

Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) researchers have developed a technique for reducing the effects of "noise" in quantum information systems. The method retrieves data "lost" to noise via repetition of the quantum process with slightly variable noise characteristics, then analyzes the results. After collecting results by running the process many times in sequence or parallel, the researchers built a hypersurface, where one axis represents the result of a measurement, and the other two or more axes stand for different noise parameters. The hypersurface returned an estimate of the noise-free observable, as well as information about the impact of each noise rate. The Bebop high-performance computing cluster at ANL's Laboratory Computing Resource Center was used to execute simulations that helped refine and demonstrate the technique in scenarios that are currently unavailable with quantum hardware. .... " 

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