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Monday, February 18, 2019

Amazon and Outside US Cashier Free Stores

The idea continues to spread.   How soon will it become expected?  We did one of the earliest tests of this technology in our laboratory store.

Amazon may be close to opening its first cashier-free store outside U.S.  By Trevor Mogg in Digitaltrends

Amazon could be on the verge of opening its first cashier-free store outside of the U.S. after a report claimed the company has secured retail space for a location in central London.

We’ve known for several months that the company is looking to take its Amazon Go store beyond American shores, with a report last year suggesting it was looking at sites in the U.K.

But The Grocer’s report, published over the weekend, suggests the company has now chosen at least one spot in the heart of the capital city, though the specific location and opening date remain unknown.  ...  "

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