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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Qualcomm Goes All-in with Voice

This was surprising, had a chat with Qualcomm recently and it did not come up.  Examining what this looks like.   Test examples out there?  Send them along. 

Qualcomm goes all-in on Amazon Alexa voice control with a new development kit in Digitaltrend

The new kit is enabled by the ClearVoice far-field voice enhancement software solution from Silicon Valley’s Meeami Technologies, which makes it easy for mesh networking manufacturers to layer voice control capabilities onto devices and networks that are powered by Qualcomm’s Wi-Fi mesh platforms. As with Amazon’s Echo or Dot devices, customers can manage, automate, and monitor smart home devices, as well as play music, ask questions, and access tens of thousands of skills.

“Mesh networks have become the new standard to ensure the best possible connected experience in the home. By adding Amazon’s advanced voice capabilities through the Alexa Voice Service, we are unlocking new opportunities for customers to enable exciting new smart home experiences controlled with the simplicity of voice,” said Nick Kucharewski, vice president and general manager of Wireless Infrastructure and Networking for Qualcomm Technologies. “By integrating our mesh platform with Alexa, we create a powerful development kit that enables device manufacturers to quickly and economically bring innovative new products to market and meet the development speed of this fast-growing market.”  ... " 

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