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Thursday, February 28, 2019

TurboTrack for RFID Robotics and More

Recalling an application we might have used this.

MIT Media Labs Creates Highly Precise UHF RFID for Robotics
The TurboTrack system employs a standard tag and interrogator, as well as a "helper" antenna device that pulses short signals to pinpoint the locations of even fast-moving tags at the sub-centimeter level.    By Claire Swedberg in RFID Journal

Feb 28, 2019—The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)'s Media Lab has completed its testing of a radio frequency identification system known as TurboTrack. The lab's researchers say the solution could enable a new level of flexibility and autonomy for robots in manufacturing processes, as well as in applications such as search-and-rescue.

The TurboTrack system is designed to pinpoint a passive UHF RFID tag's location at the sub-centimeter level, even if it is moving at fairly high-speed. Such a system could make it possible for a robot to understand where a tagged item was located and to respond accordingly—even one flying overhead, as in the case of a swarm of drones. In the long run, the technology is intended to offer a more effective option for managing robotics than computer vision. The group will present a paper on the technology today at the USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation. .... "

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