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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

An AI Doorbell

Don't have the below, nor am I promoting it.   I have had three different doorbells to date.   I note this has just passable reviews.   Most troubling are those about support.  But it seems to have many of the needs we might want in a doorbell, an assistant, doorman at the portal.  Facial recognition.  Alexa connection.  I like the idea of a chatbot that could take information at the door.    Security?

Netvue Belle A.I. Video Doorbell
Now $169.00

Belle is the world’s 1st Artificial Intelligence Video Doorbell.

It remembers familiar faces, greets your guests by their names, allows them to leave messages, handles the package delivery for you and even automatically opens your door for the scheduled appointments with preset passcodes! It also detects unusual activities in your desired custom zones and sends you notifications when needed.

With Netvue App, you can check your front door with HD view, talk to your guests, manually unlock the door for them and playback the activity clips automatically saved on the cloud from anywhere at any time.  ... "

https://www.netvue.com/doorbell/belle/   (Descriptive)

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