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Friday, February 15, 2019

Baidu Launches Blockchain with Smart Contracts

Quite intriguing notion of what this is, and the method by which it reaches consensus.   The Smart Contract or DDE (decentralized application) would appear to be a generalized template approach that could implement agreements in code. 

Baidu Launches Plug and Play Blockchain Platform for Dapps   By Daniel Palmer in CoinDesk

Chinese search giant Baidu has launched a blockchain platform aimed to simplify commercial deployment of decentralized apps, or dapps.

Officially announced by Baidu Cloud on Thursday, the Baidu Blockchain Engine (BBE) platform is touted as a kind of operating system allowing developers to produce blockchain applications “just like mobile apps,” and get around the storage and computing “bottlenecks” that are holding up blockchain’s potential.

BBE is built on what the company calls the ABC (AI, Big Data, cloud computing) technology stack, allowing customers to explore and develop ways to commercialize blockchain tech.

Hosted on Baidu’s “intelligent” cloud platform, the system uses a modular blockchain framework to provide developers with a multi-chain system including smart contract templates, dapp templates and other services aimed to make development simple and fast. .... " 

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